Traction contactor AC-3 50A 22kW-400V 3RT2036-1XF40-0LA2

Traction contactor, AC-3 50 A, 22 kW / 400 V 1 NO + 1 NC, 110 V DC, 0.7-1.25* US, with varistor, 3-pole, Size S2, screw terminal

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Order No.: 3RT20361XF400LA2 3RT2036-1XF40-0LA2 Traction contactor, AC-3 50 A, 22 kW / 400 V 1 NO + 1 NC, 110 V DC, 0.7-1.25* US, with varistor, 3-pole, Size S2, screw terminal

Overview Standards

IEC/EN 60947‑4‑1, IEC/EN 60077‑2, EN 50155

Power range:

Sizes S00 to S3
3RT20 contactors for motor loads (AC‑3) up to 110 A / 55 kW

Sizes S6 to S12
3RT10 contactors for motor loads (AC‑3) from 55 kW to 500 A / 250 kW
3RT14 contactors for resistive loads (AC‑1) up to 690 A


Besides standard approval in compliance with IEC 60974‑4‑1, the contactors with an extended operating range are also approved in compliance with the relevant parts of IEC 60077‑2, thus fulfilling the requirement for use in railway applications.

Thus, their suitability for increased requirements such as an

extended temperature range in comparison with the regular standard IEC 60497‑4‑1 or
extended operating range of the solenoid coils or also
increased resistance to mechanical oscillations and vibrations is warranted. The design of the terminals in the spring-type connection system also contributes toward vibration resistance.

In addition to the complete motor contactor series (AC‑3) up to 250 kW of sizes S00 to S12 (3RT.0), as from size S6, new variants of the 3RT14 contactors optimized for AC‑1 operation up to 525 kW with extended operating conditions are also available.

Operating range of contactor operating mechanisms

The contactors with extended operating range and railway approval are available with a solid-state DC operating mechanism in all sizes from S00 to S12.

This operating mechanism version has an operating range from 0.7 to 1.25 x Us in the temperature range -40 to 70 °C. Overvoltage damping of the contactor coil with a varistor circuit is already implemented.

As from size S6, the operating mechanisms are equipped with an additional control input that can be operated between 24 DC and 110 V. This function can optionally be switched on or off via a selector switch.

Auxiliary switches

These devices can be equipped with auxiliary switches in the same way as their corresponding versions of the standard motor contactors (for overview diagrams of the contactors, see Power Contactors for Switching Motors).

Ambient temperature

The permissible ambient temperature for operation of the contactors (across the full operating range of the operating mechanisms) is -40 to +70 °C.

Side-by-side mounting

Up to an ambient temperature of 60 °C, these device versions can be mounted side by side. Above 60 °C, a distance of at least 10 mm shall be provided.

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