SINAMICS V90 Servo Drive

SINAMICS V90 is designed to meet general purpose servo applications, taking into consideration the challenges of machine builders and system integrators regarding costs and time to market.
It is easy to commission the SINAMICS V90 system-essentially just plug & play. Further, it has optimized servo performance, can be quickly integrated into SIMATIC PLC control systems and has a high degree of reliability. A seamless drive system is created by combining SINAMICS V90 servo drive with the SIMOTICS S-1FL6 servomotor.
SINAMICS V90 features internal positioning, positioning with pulse train and speed and torque control modes. With integrated real-time auto tuning and automatic suppression of machine resonances, the system automatically optimizes itself to achieve a high dynamic performance and smooth operation. Further, as a result of the high frequency limit up to 1MHz, the pulse train input facilitates high positioning accuracy.

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