SINAMICS V90 Servo Drive 200-240V 1/3 AC 0.4 kW 6SL3210-5FB10-4UF1

Ordering No.: 6SL3210-5FB10-4UF1 6SL32105FB104UF1

Series: SINAMICS V90 Servo Drive with PROFINET

Input voltage: 200-240V 1/3 AC -15%/ 10% 5.0A/3.0A 45-66Hz

Output voltage: 0-input V 2.6A 0-330Hz

Motor: 0.4kW

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SINAMICS V90 Servo Drive with PROFINET

Input voltage: 200-240V 1/3 AC -15%/ 10% 5.0A/3.0A 45-66Hz

Output voltage: 0-input V 2.6A 0-330Hz

Motor: 0.4kW

Protection: IP20

Dimension: Frame size B, 55x 170x 170 (WxHxD)


SINAMICS V90 servo drive overview

Integration in automation

Integration in automation

Totally Integrated Automation and communication

SINAMICS is an integral component of the Siemens “Totally Integrated Automation” concept. Integrated SINAMICS systems covering configuration, data storage, and communication at automation level ensure low-maintenance solutions with the SIMATIC, SIMOTION and SINUMERIK control systems.

Depending on the application, the appropriate variable frequency drives can be selected and incorporated in the automation concept. With this in mind, the drives are clearly subdivided into their different applications. A wide range of communication options (depending on the drive type) are available for establishing a communication link to the automation system:

  • EtherNet/IP
  • Modbus TCP
  • Modbus RTU
  • AS-Interface
  • BACnet MS/TP

SINAMICS is the comprehensive family of drives from Siemens designed for machine and plant engineering applications. SINAMICS offers solutions for all drive tasks:

  • Simple pump and fan applications in the process industry
  • Demanding single drives in centrifuges, presses, extruders, elevators, as well as conveyor and transport systems
  • Drive line-ups in textile, plastic film, and paper machines as well as in rolling mill plants
  • Highly dynamic servo drives for machine tools, as well as packaging and printing machines
SINAMICS as part of the Siemens modular automation system

Siemens modular automation system

Innovative, energy-efficient and reliable drive systems and applications as well as services for the entire drive train

The solutions for drive technology place great emphasis on the highest productivity, energy efficiency and reliability for all torque ranges, performance and voltage classes.

Siemens offers not only the right innovative variable frequency drive for every drive application, but also a wide range of energy-efficient low-voltage motors, geared motors, explosion-protected motors and high-voltage motors for combination with SINAMICS.

Furthermore, Siemens supports its customers with global pre-sales and after-sales services, with over 295 service points in 130 countries – and with special services e.g. application consulting or motion control solutions.

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SIMOTICS S-1FL6 servomotors for SINAMICS V90

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