S7-1200 PLC CP 1243-7 LTE Communication processor 6GK7243-7KX30-0XE0

SIEMENS Communications processor CP 1243-7 LTE EU for Connection of SIMATIC S7-1200 to LTE network in European Frequency range

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Order No.: 6GK7243-7KX30-0XE0 6GK72437KX300XE0 Communications processor CP 1243-7 LTE EU for Connection of SIMATIC S7-1200 to LTE network in European Frequency range6GK72437KX300XE0_datasheet_en


CP 1243-7 LTE is used to connect the S7-1200 to a mobile wireless 4th generation LTE (Long Term Evolution) network. The increased data rates compared to GPRS and widespread introduction of LTE open up new areas of application. The CP1243-7 is characterized by the following properties:

1 connection to LTE (4G) mobile wireless network(various versions for EU and North America)

Data transfer of measured values, control variables, or alarms optimized for telecontrol systems

Operation with fixed IP addresses and dynamic IP addresses with standard cellular phone contract

Time synchronization based on NTP (Network Time Protocol)

On-demand connection setup via voice call or text message

Sending and receiving of text messages

Teleservice access with STEP 7 to substations via mobile wireless networks

Compact industrial enclosure in S7-1200 design for mounting on a standard mounting rail

Temperature range in operation: -20°C to +70°C

Standard rail mounting

Diagnostics LEDs (overall status and details)

Integrated security functions (VPN and firewall)

Access to the CPU web server

Fast commissioning due to simplified configuration with STEP 7

Data buffering of up to 64,000 values ensures a secure database even with temporary connection failures

Support of SINEMA Remote Connect with autoconfiguration


Using CP1243-7 LTE enables the S7-1200 to be used as a remote terminal unit (substation) in telecontrol applications. Typical application examples are the collection of measured values in outdoor areas over widely distributed geographical areas (level measurement for water tanks in the water/waste water industries) or centralized opening and closing of valves (oil/gas transport in pipelines).

Data exchange and centralized data monitoring for automation solutions spread over large geographical areas

Establishment of permanent or temporary communication link for mobile machines/vehicles without permanent location

Global remote access to the end customer’s machinery in compliance with IT security requirements

Connection of difficult-to-access external stations without a network infrastructure

These applications can be found in the most diverse sectors:

Water/wastewater treatment plants – pump/valve controllers

Traffic and transportation – traffic light controls, lighting controls

Power engineering – monitoring of transformer stations, meter readout

Mechanical engineering – centralized remote maintenance of machines used around the world

Wind energy – condition monitoring of wind turbines

Vending machine manufacturers – monitoring, control of beverage vending machines

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