SIMATIC Digital Module EM221 6ES7221-1BH22-0XA0 of S7-200 PLC

SIMATIC S7-200 Digital input module EM-221

Used for S7-221 S7-222 S7-224 S7-224XP and S7-226

16 DI, 16 Digital inputs

24 V DC, sinking-sourcing

Order No.: 6ES7221-1BH22-0XA0 6ES72211BH220XA0

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SIMATIC S7-200 EM-221 EM221 Digital Module 6ES7221-1BF22-0XA0 6ES72211BF220XA0.

16 bits Digital input module EM221 used For S7-200 PLC S7-221 S7-222 S7-224 S7-224XP and S7-226.

• Digital inputs/outputs to supplement the onboard I/Os of the CPUs

• For flexible adaptation of PLC to respective task

• For subsequent upgrading of the system with additional inputs


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