COVID-19 Now a Pandemic.

A pandemic is a global outbreak of disease. Pandemics happen when a new virus emerges to infect people and can spread between people sustainably. Because there is little to no pre-existing immunity against the new virus, it spreads worldwide.

The virus that causes COVID-19 is infecting people and spreading easily from person-to-person. Cases have been detected in most countries worldwide and community spread is being detected in a growing number of countries. On March 11, the COVID-19 outbreak was characterized as a pandemic by the WHO.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, we help our customers to set up more new face mask / respirator machines to product more face masks / respirators to against the Covid-19 virus.

One in two out flat face mask production line
One in two out flat face mask production line

We offer HVAC control system, General automatic control system and cable production solution, automatic discrete components and wire diameter measuring instrument.

Equipment related to cable inductry as listed below.

  • Diameter Monitor / Measurement
  • Laser Gauge
  • Frequency Spark Tester
  • DC Spark Tester
  • Masterbatch mixer
  • Induction preheater

The equipment were sold to global market, Our high-quality products and good service, in the cable industry enjoys an outstanding reputation.

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