LOGO!+KP300 Basic Starter Kit LOGO 6AV2132-0HA00-0AA1

LOGO!+KP300 Basic Starter Kit LOGO! 12/24RCE, HMI KP300 Basic mono PN, LOGO! Power 24 V 1.3 A, LOGO! SOFT Comfort V8, WinCC Basic, information material, in SYSTAINER

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LOGO!+KP300 Basic Starter Kit LOGO! 12/24RCE, HMI KP300 Basic mono PN, LOGO! Power 24 V 1.3 A, LOGO! SOFT Comfort V8, WinCC Basic, information material, in SYSTAINER 6AV21320HA000AA1_datasheet_en



The Key Panels, PROFINET successors to the PROFIBUS-based Push Button Panels, are operator panels which are ready-to-run without any configuration effort at all.

Alternatives to individually wired long-stroke keys. They are designed for direct operator control of the machine.

Key Panels provide many basic functions for direct operator control and monitoring instead of machine operator control, a cost-effective, versatile and space-saving combination, and they reduce configuration and installation costs to a minimum. Furthermore, additional actuators and sensors can also be optionally connected directly on the back of the devices.

The Key Panels can be used directly in line and ring topologies thanks to an integrated switch and two RJ45 PN sockets.

In addition there are two fully configured IP65 installation enclosures for KP8(F) available.
Exact cutouts included. Even supply cables with plugs can easily be connected in IP65 without any drilling or milling. These ready-made enclosures can be used as small local operator stations.
They can be found under Accessories -> Fasteners, and depending on the version can come supplied with features such as EMERGENCY OFF buttons.

  • SIMATIC HMI blank front design
  • SIMATIC HMl KP8F PN (shared device with GSD file possible)
  • SIMATIC HMl KP32F PN (PROFIsafe can be switched off)
  • Installation enclosure KP8 (Accessories -> Fasteners)
  • Installation enclosure KP8F (Accessories -> Fasteners)

Inexpensive realization of simple HMI tasks

Basic HMI is recommended for simple applications with a limited quantity structure, where the price-performance ratio counts as well as fast, intuitive operation.

The devices offer a brilliant display quality and high-power visualization, which significantly simplifies the operation of simple machines and equipment. You can also save valuable time during installation, commissioning and engineering with turnkey and flexible solutions.


You can use the Key Panels to realize operator panels quickly, as well as save a lot of time and money setting them up since they are prefabricated and ready for installation.

All illuminated pushbuttons are freely configurable and equipped with five colored LEDs (red, green, blue, yellow and white). All buttons can also easily be inscribed in IP65. On the back, there are integrated IO terminals for connecting actuators and sensors.

SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels

Basic Panels are perfect for the cost-effective implementation of simple visualization tasks at machine level. Their basic features and functionality as well as the especially attractive price make them perfect entry-level devices.

The following modules are available:

  • Key Panels
    • SIMATIC HMI KP8/KP8F/KP32F (key devices with multicolored LEDs)
  • Basic Panels
    • Standard devices 2nd generation
    • Standard devices 1st generation

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