SINAMICS G110-CPM110 AC Drive 6SL3211-0AB17-5UA1

6SL32110AB175UA1 6SL3211-0AB17-5UA1 SINAMICS G110-CPM110 AC Drive, unfiltered 200-240V1AC+10/-10% 47-63Hz Analog input CT: 0.75kW; VT: 0.75kW CT overload: 150% 60s 150x 90x 131 (HxWxD) Degree of protection IP20 Ambient temperature -10+40 °C without BOP without RS485 interface

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SINAMICS G110-CPM110 AC Drive, unfiltered 200-240V1AC+10/-10% 47-63Hz Analog input CT: 0.75kW; VT: 0.75kW CT overload: 150% 60s 150x 90x 131 (HxWxD) Degree of protection IP20 Ambient temperature -10+40 °C without BOP without RS485 interface6SL3211-0AB17-5UA1_datasheet_en

Overview of G110 AC Drive

SINAMICS G110 is an inverter with basic functions for a wide range of industrial drive applications with variable speeds.

The extremely compact SINAMICS G110 inverter operates with voltage-frequency control from 200 V to 240 V on single-phase line supply systems.

It is the ideal “price-conscious” inverter solution in the lower power range of the SINAMICS product family.

The following line-side power components are available for SINAMICS G110 inverters:

  • EMC filters
  • Line reactors
  • Fuses
  • Circuit breaker

The accessories listed below are also available:

  • Operator panel
  • Mounting accessories
  • Commissioning tool


  • Simple installation, configuration, and commissioning
  • Robust EMC design
  • Extensive parameter range enables configurations for a wide range of applications
  • Simple cable connection
  • Scalable functionality with analog and USS versions
  • Quiet motor operation as a result of the high pulse frequency
  • Status information and alarms via the optional BOP (Basic Operator Panel)
  • Rapid copying of parameters via the optional BOP
  • External options for PC communication and BOP
  • Fast response time of the digital inputs with a high degree of reproducibility for applications demanding fast responses
  • Precise setpoint input using a high-resolution 10-bit analog input (analog versions only)
  • LED for status information
  • Variants with integrated EMC filter class A or B
  • DIP switches for easy adaptation to 50 Hz or 60 Hz applications
  • DIP switches for simple bus termination for the USS version (RS485)
  • Bus-capable serial RS485 interface (USS versions only) enables integration into a networked drive system
  • 2/3-wire method (pulsed/maintained signals) for universal control via digital inputs
  • Adjustable lower voltage limit for the DC link to ensure controlled motor braking if the power fails
Accessories (overview)
  • BOP operator panel
  • Adapter for mounting on DIN rails (frame sizes FSA and FSB)
  • PC inverter connection kit
  • STARTER commissioning tool
Line-side power components (overview)
  • EMC filter, class B with low leakage currents
    (additionally available for inverters with integrated filter)
  • EMC filter, class B
    (additionally available for inverters with integrated filter)
  • Line reactors
International standards
  • Fulfills the requirements of the EU low-voltage guideline
  • CE marking
  • Certified to UL and cUL
  • C-Tick

Technical specifications

Referring to the rated output current, most 2-pole to 6-pole low-voltage motors are supported, e.g. the motor series 1LE1. The rated power represents a benchmark only. For a description of the overload performance, please refer to the general technical specifications of the Controlled Power Modules.

PowerRated input current (at 230 V)Rated output currentFrame sizeVersionSINAMICS G110
without filter
with integrated filter
kWhpAA(Frame size)Article No.Article No.Filter class 1)
With use of shielded cables with a max. cable length of
5 m (16 ft)10 m (33 ft)25 m (82 ft) 2) 2)
USS6SL3211-0AB11-2UB16SL3211-0AB11-2BB1BA 2) 2)
(with flat heat sink)
6SL3211-0KB11-2UA16SL3211-0KB11-2BA1BA 2) 2)
(with flat heat sink)
6SL3211-0KB11-2UB16SL3211-0KB11-2BB1BA 2) 2)
0.250.334.51.7FSAAnalog6SL3211-0AB12-5UA16SL3211-0AB12-5BA1BA 2) 2)
USS6SL3211-0AB12-5UB16SL3211-0AB12-5BB1BA 2) 2)
(with flat heat sink)
6SL3211-0KB12-5UA16SL3211-0KB12-5BA1BA 2) 2)
(with flat heat sink)
6SL3211-0KB12-5UB16SL3211-0KB12-5BB1BA 2) 2)
0.370.56.22.3FSAAnalog6SL3211-0AB13-7UA16SL3211-0AB13-7BA1BA 2) 2)
USS6SL3211-0AB13-7UB16SL3211-0AB13-7BB1BA 2) 2)
(with flat heat sink)
6SL3211-0KB13-7UA16SL3211-0KB13-7BA1BA 2) 2)
(with flat heat sink)
6SL3211-0KB13-7UB16SL3211-0KB13-7BB1BA 2) 2)
0.550.757.73.2FSAAnalog6SL3211-0AB15-5UA16SL3211-0AB15-5BA1BA 2) 2)
USS6SL3211-0AB15-5UB16SL3211-0AB15-5BB1BA 2) 2)
(with flat heat sink)
6SL3211-0KB15-5UA16SL3211-0KB15-5BA1BA 2) 2)
(with flat heat sink)
6SL3211-0KB15-5UB16SL3211-0KB15-5BB1BA 2) 2)
(at 40 °C (104 °F))
FSAAnalog6SL3211-0AB17-5UA16SL3211-0AB17-5BA1BA 2) 2)
USS6SL3211-0AB17-5UB16SL3211-0AB17-5BB1BA 2) 2)
(with flat heat sink)
6SL3211-0KB17-5UA16SL3211-0KB17-5BA1BA 2) 2)
(with flat heat sink)
6SL3211-0KB17-5UB16SL3211-0KB17-5BB1BA 2) 2)
1.11.514.76FSBAnalog6SL3211-0AB21-1UA16SL3211-0AB21-1AA1BA 2)A 2)
USS6SL3211-0AB21-1UB16SL3211-0AB21-1AB1BA 2)A 2)
(at 40 °C (104 °F))
FSBAnalog6SL3211-0AB21-5UA16SL3211-0AB21-5AA1BA 2)A 2)
USS6SL3211-0AB21-5UB16SL3211-0AB21-5AB1BA 2)A 2)
2.2327.211FSCAnalog6SL3211-0AB22-2UA16SL3211-0AB22-2AA1BA 2)A 2)
USS6SL3211-0AB22-2UB16SL3211-0AB22-2AB1BA 2)A 2)
(at 40 °C (104 °F))
FSCAnalog6SL3211-0AB23-0UA16SL3211-0AB23-0AA1BA 2)A 2)
USS6SL3211-0AB23-0UB16SL3211-0AB23-0AB1BA 2)A 2)


Application of SINAMICS inverters


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