SMC Electric Actuators

Electric linear actuators can push, pull or transfer workloads in a distinctly different way from pneumatic actuators. Pneumatic actuators rely on relatively crude devices such as rubber cushions or shock absorbers, pressure regulators, and flow restricting fittings at the port to control their motion. By contrast, an electric actuator employs an electronically controlled motor and ballscrew to deliver a precise motion profile through acceleration, speed and deceleration. Further, the controller is capable of integrating multiple ‘stop’ positions along the actuator’s stroke with high precision and repeatability.

Beyond motion control, electric actuators save on energy costs by programming all movement with no need for compressed air infrastructure. Leaks are eliminated. Filtration is unnecessary.

SMC’s flagship electric actuator line, LE Series is designed with a focus on easy setup and operation; function parameters are preset, enhanced with an “Easy Mode” setting option to allow prompt operation. LE Series is available in a wide range of types including: sliders, rod and guided rod, slide tables, rotary, grippers, and miniature. Accessories include actuator controllers, and gateways.

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