C(D)G5-S-X6011 Stainless Steel Cylinder Double Acting Single Rod NFPA

SMC Stainless Steel Cylinder
CDG5-S CG5-S-X6011 Double Acting Single Rod
Condition: New, Original or Alternate.

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SMC’s CG5-X6011 series is a NFPA mounting interchangeable, stainless steel
cylinder, perfect for use in wash down applications such as food processing
machinery requiring intense cleaning. The use of non-toxic additives
allows confident use in equipment for foods, beverages and medical
products, etc. The CG5-S can be disassembled, allowing replacement of
seals, which promotes an extended service life. SMC provides plugs for
unused mounting threads to prevent residue build-up in the threads. The
use of stainless steel (SUS304) on external metal parts provides improved
corrosion resistance in environments with exposure to water.

– NFPA mounting interchangeable, all SUS air cylinder
– 5 bore sizes
– 9 NFPA mounting options
– NBR or FKM seal material
– Auto switch capable

Download CDG5-S CG5-S-X6011 Datasheet by click the link Datasheet.

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