C(D)J5-S Air Cylinder Double Acting Single Rod Stainless Steel

SMC Air Cylinder
CDJ5-S CJ5-S Double Acting Single Rod
Stainless Steel
Condition: New, Original or Alternate.

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Series CJ5-S is a small bore stainless steel cylinder, designed for use in
environments with water spray (such as food processing machines). A special
scraper (standard) prevents water from entering the cylinder. Non-toxic
additives allow confident use in equipment for food, beverage and medical
products, etc. The CJ5-S series can be disassembled for replacement of

– Stainless steel (SUS304) used for all exterior metal parts
– Standard water resistant scraper prevents liquid leakage into the
– 2 types of sealing material – choices of NBR/FKM (nitrile
rubber/fluoro rubber)
– Uses grease for food processing machines – meets FDA standards
– Water-resistant auto switch is available

Download CDJ5-S CJ5-S Datasheet by click the link Datasheet.

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