CH(D)SD ISO Standard Hydraulic Cylinder Nominal Pressure (10MPa)

SMC ISO Standard Hydraulic Cylinder
CHDSD CHSD Nominal Pressure 10MPa

Condition: New, Original or Alternate.

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CH series hydraulic cylinders are available in compact, round body, JIS or
tie-rod types. Nominal pressure ranges from 3.5MPa to 16MPa. Bore sizes are
available, depending on the series, from 20 to 160. Auto switches are
available on most models.

– Projection area, weight, and overall length has been reduced when
compared to the CH2 series
– Applicable bore sizes: 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 80mm, 100mm
– Nominal pressure: 10 MPa
– Available in 25mm to 1000mm strokes depending on bore size selection
– Auto switch capable

Download CHDSD CHSD Datasheet by click the link Datasheet.

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