M(D)WBW Double Acting Double Rod with Lock

SMC Double Acting
MWBW MDWBW0Double Rod w Lock

Condition: New, Original or Alternate.

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The MWB series is a tie-rod cylinder MB series with lock and is ideal for
applications requiring intermediate stops, emergency stops, and drop
prevention. The MWB series is an improved design over the MNB series with
its improved ease of maintenance with separate lock and cylinder
construction. The exhaust locking design allows for the lock release to be
manually operated with a hexagon wrench. The MWB series is available with
many standard options including seven mounting types, port thread
variations, optional rod boot, air cushion or rubber bumper cushion design,
pivot bracket option and rod end bracket options. Available in bore sizes
32, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100mm.

– High stopping accuracy within +/-1mm
– Holding force up to 6080 N
– Locking in both directions

Download MWBW MDWBW Datasheet by click the link Datasheet.

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