MLGC Compact External Guide Cylinder with Fine Lock

SMC Compact External Guide Cylinder with Fine Lock

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The MLGC integrates a round body, fine locking cylinder for its power
source with external guide rods to combine for a compact, light weight
unit. Its fine lock mechanism can lock at mid-stroke, either in the extend
or retract stroke cycle. The fine lock mechanism can be activated either by
a spring force, as a drop prevention measure when air pressure is lost, or
actived pneumatically with pressurized air to lock the rod position into
place for holidng a work piece. Both spring and pneumatic locking mechanism
can be used in one unit. It is designed with air cushions at the end of
stroke for maximum kinetic energy absorption. The (L) high precision ball
bushing allows for smooth operation that ensures stable travel resistance,
suitable for pushing and lifting applications. The (M) carbon steel alloy
slide bearing provides lateral stability protecting it from side load
impacts, suitable for stopping applications.

– Bore sizes: 20, 25, 32, 40 mm
– Available in spring, pneumatic or both locking mechanisms
– Available in basic or front flange mounting
– Lockable in either extend or retract stroke
– Air cushion as standard
– Auto-switch capable

Download MLGC Datasheet by click the link Datasheet.

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