MVGQ Valve Mounted Guide Cylinder 80 amp 100 Bore

SMC Valve Mounted Guide Cylinder
MVGQ 80100 Bore

Condition: New, Original or Alternate.

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Series MVGQ incorporates a valve, speed controller, and cylinder into one
compact unit. A built-in magnet makes the MVGQ auto swich capable. Switch
easily between rod extended when energized and rod retracted when energized
by changing the orientation of the switching plate for SYJ3000, VZ3000,
VZ5000 valves, and by changing the mounting orientation of the valves for
series VF3000. The MVGQ can be mounted on the side or bottom. Two kinds
of guide bearings, slide or ball bushing, are offered to suit individual
use. MVGQ’s built-in speed controllers make selection of meter-out or
meter-in possible.

– Bore sizes: 80 & 100mm
– Standard stroke: 25 – 200mm
– Related valve: VF3000
– Built-in speed controllers
– Auto switch capable

Download MVGQ Datasheet by click the link Datasheet.

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