Rodless Cylinder REBH Magnetically Coupled Smooth Accelerating & Decelarating Rodless Cylinder-High Precision Guide

SMC Rodless Cylinder
REBH0Magnetically Coupled Smooth Accelerating and amp Decelarating Rodless Cylinder-High Precision Guide

Condition: New, Original or Alternate.

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The REB series is a sine rodless cylinder, with a maximum speed of 600mm/s,
available in 3 bore sizes. Model REBR, a non-integrated guide, direct mount
type is capable of mounting from the top or one side. Compact, external
dimensions allow the REBR to be used when space is very limited. Model REBH
is an integrated guide type cylinder. The use of a linear guide facilitates
a large load, large moment and high precision. The REBH is available in a
one or two axis style.

– Integrated guide type, high precision, sine rodless cylinder
– Linear guide facilitates large load, large moment and high
– Maximum speed of 600mm/s
– A top cover over the sliding parts of the cylinder prevents
scratches and damage
– Bore sizes (mm): 15, 25, 32
– Auto switch capable

Download REBH Datasheet by click the link Datasheet.

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