LFU Low Flow Fluid Controller

SMC Low Flow Fluid Controller

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SMC’s new InfiniFlow™ ultrasonic flow sensing technology incorporates a
cutting-edge contrapropagating cross-correlation measurement method. This
technology is up to 20 times faster than the industry standard
“sing-around” method. In addition, the cross-correlation method is much
more efficient in data collection and processing, even under adverse
conditions with micro-bubbles. The system is an “All-SMC” fully integrated
technology. By a simple change on the Windows™ utility screen, you can
switch from stand-alone sensor mode to closed-loop mode, and with the
addition of the LTV20 hybrid regulator, you will be controlling liquid flow
with superior accuracy and repeatability. This is accomplished using the
same compact controller for either mode, and there is no “hand-shaking”
with a separate PID controller.

– Measures clean liquids and liquids with suspended solids
– Very low flow rates can be measured
– Very fast flow transient response
– B-directional measurement capability
– High degree of accuracy
– Reliable performance even with a smal amount of bubbles present

Download LFU Datasheet by click the link Datasheet.

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