JXCxH High Performance for Fieldbus-Incremental Encoder LEFSxF

SMC High Performance for Fieldbus – Incremental Encoder

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JXC*H controllers pair with the LEFS*F high performance slider with 24VDC
step motors. These motors achieve higher acceleration, work load, and
maximum speed than the standard LEFS. The motors in this category include
incremental encoders that will need to be re-homed after power loss.
Actuator motors can be operated by calling a line of step data or by direct
numerical instruction, each possible over the network. Futher fieldbus
compatible functions include return to origin, alarm outputs and resets,
parameter setup, status monitoring, and trial runs.

– Separate motor and controller power supplies
– EtherNet/IP™, PROFINET, and EtherCATĀ® protocols available
– Compatible with incremental A/B phase encoder (800 pulses/rotation)
– POWER, ALARM AND fieldbus LED’s
– Screw or DIN rail mounting
– Free configuration software required (downloadable)

Download JXCxH Datasheet by click the link Datasheet.

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