AK1200 Single Stage Regulator for General Applications High Flow (Tied-diaphragm)

SMC Single Stage Regulator
AK1200 for General Applications High Flow Tied-diaphragm

Condition: New, Original or Alternate.

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Series AK regulator was designed for general use in a wide variety of
applications. The series is available in single or two stage models,
with low to high flow capacities. Some AK regulator models offer a
tied-diaphragm design. Available options include Hastelloy® internals for
corrosion resistance, panel installation, and a variety of pressure gauges
in psig/bar or MPa units.

– High inlet pressure: Standard, max. 1700 psig (11.7 MPs); HR, (option)
max. 3000 psig (20.7 MPa)
– Flow capacity: Standard to 800 slpm; HF (option) to 1000 slpm; FC
(option) to 1500 slpm
– Body material: Stainless steel and brass available
– Hastelloy® internals available for corrosion resistance
– Tied-diaphragm design
– Point of use and source cylinder applications

Download AK1200 Datasheet by click the link Datasheet.

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