PF2A3 Digital Flow Monitor 1-Color Display IP40 for PF2A5 Sensors

SMC Digital Flow Monitor
PF2A3 1-Color Display IP40
for PF2A5 Sensors
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PF2A3 is a monitor with display for the PF2A5 remote flow sensors. The
sensor and monitor can be located up to 3m apart using PF2A5’s optional
cable. The red 3-digit LED display can show instantaneous or accumulated
flow. 2 NPN or PNP switch outputs are included, with an LED indicator for
each, located below the display. Units can be switched between L/min or
CFM (flow), and L or ft³ (accumulation). A key lockout function can prevent
accidental setting changes during operation. A panel mount adapter is
standard. PF2A3 is IP40 rated, and CE and RoHS compliant.

– Flow ranges (lpm): 1-10, 5-50, 10-100, 20-200, 50-500 (selectable from
PF2A5 ranges)
– Power supply voltage: 12-24 VDC
– Switch output modes: Hysteresis, window comparator, accumulation set
point, accumulation pulse
– Accumulated flow range: 999,999 L
– Accuracy: ±5% F.S.
– Repeatablility: ±1% F.S.

Download PF2A3 Datasheet by click the link Datasheet.

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