IZF10R Small Fan Ionizer w Air Flow Function

SMC Small Fan Ionizer
IZF10R w Air Flow Function

Condition: New, Original or Alternate.

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The IZF10R shares the same fan size and ±13V ion balance with the IZF10,
with two new features. A new 4-speed fan adjuster knob is added, including
one higher and one lower speed for faster neutralization and greater range,
or quieter operation. In addition to the high current/high voltage switch
output, a second output signal indicates when emitter maintenance is
required. These outputs pair with LEDs at the control panel indicating the
same conditions. A power switch and an ion balance adjuster complete the

– Tungsten emitters for longer life vs stainless steel
– Removable fan guard permits emitter cleaning
– Emitters replaceable at end of life
– Can be powered by a 24VDC cable with I/O, or 120VAC adapter
– Available bracket mounts on machine or stands freely on bench
– Bracket includes pivot and tilt slots to optimize treatment area
– LEDs: Power (orange/green), Error (red), Maintenance (green)

Download IZF10R Datasheet by click the link Datasheet.

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