IZTN43 Nozzle Ionizer

SMC Nozzle Ionizer

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The IZTN43 nozzle ionizer is the ion emitting component of the IZT43 static
control system. This component is available individually as an additional
nozzle to expand an existing system, or as a replacement. A complete
system consists of 1 to 4 nozzles, an IZTP power supply module for each
nozzle, and a single IZTC controller, plus cables and accessories as
required. Note that a IZT system can also combine a mixture of up to 4
IZTN nozzles and IZTB bars operated by 1 controller. All components can be
ordered separately.

– Includes 1, 2, or 3m high voltage cable with cable holders
– Cartridges: high speed or energy saving, with tungsten emitters
– One-touch fittings: ø6mm (metric) or ø1/4″ (inch), straight or elbow
– 2 bracket styles for nozzle mounting

Download IZTN43 Datasheet by click the link Datasheet.

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