KA Anti-static One-touch Fitting

SMC Anti-static
KA One-touch Fitting

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Antistatic One-touch fittings series KA has one-touch loading and
unloading. Series KA can be used in copper- free applications and in vacuum
(max. -100kPa). Conductive resin is used for body and seals in fittings and
tubing. Series KA is flame resistant (UL94 standard, V-0).

– Surface resistance: 104 Ohms to 107 Ohms
– For preventing static electricity
– Body: Conductive resin used for seal parts
– Copper-free (Electroless nickel plated)
– UNI thread
– This product is not intended for use in potable water systems

Download KA Datasheet by click the link Datasheet.

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