ZZK2A Vacuum Unit Manifold Type Vacuum Generator

SMC Vacuum Unit
ZZK2A Manifold Type Vacuum Generator

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The ZZK2A series is a Manifold Type energy-saving generator with reduced
air consumption. It has an increase in suction flow compared to other
single stage SMC generators. With its compact size and lightweight, it is
easier to maintain.

– Fluid: air, inert gas
– Energy-saving vacuum generator
– Compact and lightweight
– Multiple mounting options
– Easy maintenance

If ordering an unassembled manifold or individual manifold components, a -A
at the end of the number is required. If you would like the ZZK2 manifold
assembled, with ZK2*A units attached, please refer to series ZKM. (

Download ZZK2A Datasheet by click the link Datasheet.

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