NC(D)M All Stainless Steel Cylinder Double Acting Single Rod X6009

SMC All Stainless Steel Cylinder
NCM NCDM0Double Acting Single Rod X6009

Condition: New, Original or Alternate.

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All stainless steel exterior double acting single rod version of our NCM
cylinders. A wear ring extends the seal life and a bronze rod bushing is
standard on all bore sizes. The NCM is available in 2 mounting styles
(front nose & double end). The double end mount does automatically include
a rear clevis hole. The NCM is auto-switch capable without any change in
cylinder dimension. Bore sizes range from 3/4″ to 2″ and standard strokes
from 1/2″ to 12″.

– Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel exterior components
– 6 bore sizes
– Built-in rod wiper protects interior from contaminants
– Auto switch capable
– Dimensionally interchangeable with standard NCM series

Download NCM NCDM Datasheet by click the link Datasheet.

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