SY5100-X31 Pilot Air Control Valve with Spool Detection and Spring Return Spool

SMC Pilot Air Control Valve
SY5100-X31 with Spool Detection and Spring Return Spool

Condition: New, Original or Alternate.

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The SY5100-X31 is a single solenoid valve for controlling the pilot air
supply to the dwonstream valves within its zone. De-energizing the SY-X31
renders the downstream valves inoperable in response to a safe fault or for
maintenance purposes. The return spring assures the return of the valve to
the safe state when de-energized without requiring pilot pressure. The
built-in switch provides an ON signal when the valve is de-energized in its
safe state and an OFF signal when the valve is energized. The 5000 series
was used as it can be added to a 7000 series manifold or have 3000 series
valves added to a 5000 manifold.

– Reliably returns to safe state in case of power loss
– Validated per ISO13849-2 to basic and well-tried safety principles
– Main valve position when valve is OFF: Signal output
– Main valve position when valve is ON: No signal output
– Internal and external pilot models available
– Available with M8-3 pin, M8-4 pin and M12-4 pin connector for switch
– Available with low wattage coil for continuous duty

Please see the attached catalog for information on the required manifold
blocks and optional pressure switches and port plugs for use in these
blocks. These manifold blocks are required to begin each zone and
facilitate the pilot air control function. Pneumatic pilot air control is
not possible without these blocks.

Download SY5100-X31 Datasheet by click the link Datasheet.

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