25A-RB C Shock Absorber Standard

SMC Shock Absorber
25A-RB-C Standard

Condition: New, Original or Alternate.

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The RB shock absorber has a specially designed orifice that compensates for
varying speeds and loads to consistently decelerate loads without requiring
additional adjustment. The double seal enclosure consists of a scraper and
a rod seal, provides extra insurance against leakage. The RB series shock
absorbers are available in five sizes and all withstand an impact speed of
16 ft/sec.

Series RJ soft type shock absorbers are designed initially for use with our
air slide table, rodless and rotary cylinder ranges, Series RJ ensures
softer absorption making it ideal for small conveyors which often require
soft stop performance. Fully interchangeable with our existing Series RB
absorber range, this new series – with their patented spiral groove design
– offer outstanding durability and a 30% reduction in cushioning time.
Available in three energy absorbency options, 1, 3 and 10 (J) and stroke
lengths of 6, 7 and 12mm respectively, Series RJ really is the ideal choice
when soft absorption is a necessity.

The 25A-RB series is designed using materials compatible with secondary
battery applications and are able to be used in low dew point
environments. These variations eliminate copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn)
materials where possible, making them compatible with secondary battery
manufacturing for electronics, automotive, and other vehicle types.

– Shock absorber type: basic or with cap
– Applicable thread O.D. size: M8, M10, M14, M20, M27
– Option: stopper nut
– Series 25A-RB/C is compatible with secondary battery applications

Download 25A-RB-C Datasheet by click the link Datasheet.

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